12 leadership lessons you need on your radar

There have been countless wins, losses, and major changes in companies in 2018. Examining these allows us to learn from other leaders so we can improve our business and talent strategies in the future.

In this webinar, we shared 12 lessons we learned about leadership in 2018. Watch the replay to learn more.


Drew Fortin

Drew Fortin

Drew has spent over a decade leading teams and selling and marketing products, services, and software to businesses big and small. He’s currently Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Predictive Index (PI). Read some of his own management and leadership advice on LinkedIn.

Matt Poepsel, Ph.D.

Matt is the Senior Vice President of Product for The Predictive Index where he is responsible for overseeing the company’s product portfolio and innovation roadmap. 

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8 leadership lessons of 2018

Whether 2019 is the year you up the ante on your existing plan or put a new business strategy into place, take a leadership lesson—or eight—from the annals of 2018. 

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