The future of work is talent optimization

Talent optimization is a new discipline that enables a company to align its talent strategy with its business strategy to maximize business results. It empowers talent professionals, executives, managers, and individual contributors by providing:
  • A method of aligning people practices with the broader business context
  • A system of preventing the common causes of productivity problems
  • A framework for mastering the essential talent optimization aptitudes including:
    • Defining jobs and organizational structure that set your company up for near-term and long-term success
    • Designing your culture and teams in an intentional way
    • Inspiring employees to reach their full potential day in and day out
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Matt Poepsel, Ph.D

Matt is the Senior Vice President of Product for The Predictive Index where he is responsible for overseeing the company’s product portfolio and innovation roadmap.


What is talent optimization?

Take a good hard look at your company. Is it performing at its absolute best? If you’re like most leaders, you struggle to overcome common business challenges like turnover, employee disengagement, a changing market, bad hires (the list goes on and on).

Aligning employees to business strategy

So the communication of business strategy has become much like the telephone game—only we’re not kids anymore and we’re not playing for fun.

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