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Mission to Mars

Having a mission statement, vision, and corporate values are integral to creating a strategy and culture that unites your organization. When you design these in a way that clarifies your strategy, you’ll motivate your employees to take your organization to places it’s never been. The sky is the limit. Next stop? Mars.

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Drew Fortin

Drew Fortin

Drew has spent over a decade leading teams and selling and marketing products, services, and software to businesses big and small. He’s currently Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at The Predictive Index (PI). Read some of his own management and leadership advice on LinkedIn.

Dani Dawkins

Dani started her career in advertising, cutting her teeth in an industry that thrives on compelling story-driven marketing. Currently, she’s the Client Marketing Manager at The Predictive Index (PI). In this role, she focuses on projects and initiatives that turn clients into heroes — cultivating stories and leading projects designed to provide a positive brand experience. https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielledawkins/)


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Develop Core Values

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Develop Mission and Vision Statements

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